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Strain Report – Chem Dog

Straight from the greenest corners of the East Coast, this original variation on the classic Chem Dog strain delivers yield, flavor, and a classic sativa buzz, creative and inspired yet functional and non-drowsy.

What is it?
Chem Dog is – supposedly – the original and best of the Chem Dog strains,  acquired almost 20 years ago by the legendary breeder and grower Chem Dog himself, reportedly handed over in the parking lot of a Grateful Dead concert in 1991 (long live Jerry!).  Because of this, we refer to it as the ’91 for short. Developed over many years from land-raised strains, the premise is simple: this is the Chem Dog. Most of you know Chem Dog by what has come from it, including a long lineage of diesels and other popular strains that are now ubiquitous, but the classic Chem Dog still has a huge appeal, especially back east, and is always a solid yielder. In addition, this strain is nearly impossible to come by, and we waited for it for over 10 years, despite our strong connections to the best breeders.

How is it grown?
The plants we worked with exhibited a single phenotype across several different gardens, which is a good indicator of solid genetics.  The plant takes approx 63-70 days to mature, or 9-10 weeks.  The kolas are large and dense, reaching as much as 4-6 inches in diameter, even in an indoor environment.  Because of this, being careful to avoid gray mold is important.  The plant also has a slight susceptibility to powder mildew.  Proper neeming and sulfur treatments are adequate measures for avoiding these problems. Keep humidity below 60% and avoid direct contact of water on the buds.  Even a late, heavy spraying/foiler feeding is not recommended with this dense of flowers.   This strain responds extremely well to a technique we call “sativa back topping.”  This technique is an extension of the traditional idea of topping your plants.  After taking  a center top, the plants will grow into a candelabra formation as expected.  Usually 2 or 3 of the main branches will take a lead on the others, and begin to grow taller.  We cut or “pinch” these leads off at the internode closest to the height of the majority of the plants main branches, leaving the top-most flower site.  This often creates an additional lead at this location, and the two together grow with the others that are at the same height.  We continue this process until 3 1/2 or 4 weeks in to the flower cycle.  To some this sounds crazy, but we’re confident that on most sativa strains you’ll see many more flowers than if you would have let those leads grow.  The other benefit is that the smaller leads that would’ve suffered in the larger branches shadows grow more evenly and receive a better exposure to the light canopy.  This technique worked very well with Chem Dog 91, with many plants seeing as many as 10 thick kolas that were 8-12 inches in length, in a seven gallon container.

Distinguishing Characteristics?
Chem Dog has a definitive look, smell, and taste.  The appearance after drying is a lime green with a golden hue and an infusion of red hairs and a good coating of sugary crystals. This strain can herm but only under extreme light deviations or temperature stress.  The plant will also “bolt” or stretch and grow “fingers” in the buds as a response to excessive heat or humidity.  Even when this happens the flowers are still perfectly usable, which is another good indicator of a sold strain – toughness.  Does the plant endure quite a bit and still do what it’s supposed to?  If so, it’s because the plant has evolved those characteristics, which is a good sign that this strain has some history. The taste is sour and sweet, with diesel fuel overtones, herby and rich, a real classic “skunk” marijuana flavor. The yield is probably one the strains most distinguishing aspects… it yields extremely well.

Finishing Moves
If you do end up with a flowering crop of Chem Dog, take the time to flush it well to really manifest that great flavor and aroma.  There is nothing particular required to finish this strain, it will wrap up on it’s own schedule in 9-10 weeks, but don’t cut any corners… the material is worth putting your best work into.

The Bottom Line
The bottom line on Chem Dog 91 is that we are convinced.  A lot of different bud ends up with the name “chem dog”, but the second we tasted this stuff we knew it was the real deal.  The  flavor and aroma are there, the classic look and smooth smoke are there, and the yield is what it should be.  Hopefully this version of Chem Dog will take hold and become the dominant Chem Dog strain once again.

If you get your hands on some Chem Dog 91, give it some love, water and food and watch it grow.  Remember to always to keep it organic.  If done the right, the flavor is impossible to beat.

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  1. Rockin it lovin it and keeping it as one of my strains. Clones well and I will definately keep this one around.

  2. I’m a caregiver looking for this strain for my patient, any advice on how to get a hold of it?

  3. i got the chem dog and it is super strong in Montana.

  4. probably the strongest strain for yield and flavor that there is. only thing that sux about it is when you run out!!

  5. everybody can talk until they r blu in the face about this strain & that strain & it won’t make a difference in the world until the strain that they r talking about wins 3 out of 4 years the ultimate “OG” BUBBLE-BERRY KUSH did at the CANNABIS CUP ! this shit practically grows i’ts self & is literally onehiterquiter!So we shall just have 2 see about this
    “urban legend”. PEACE OUT& GOOD LUCK 2 all my fellow growers/smokers!

  6. FYI the reason it is called Chem Dawg (Colorado strain, not east coast) is that it doesn’t thrive in organic conditions, and needs heavy chemical fertilizers. I hope this helps any one trying to cultivate this strain.

    Peace from boulder, CO

  7. hey, thanks for the comment… As to the issue of chemicals vs. organic, we know that many chem variants going back to 2000 have been commonly grown organically with equal yields and superior flavors. of course, we feel that organic growing will always provide equal yields and superior flavors. for a very effective organic flower food we use Growilla Bud Food which can be found at and in many grow stores throughout the country.

  8. Great high. Awesome dealer haha good stuff in reno

  9. got some chem..and the description..doesnt even begin to describe it..pretty right on with sweet and IT!!!..RIPPED

  10. I managed to find some Chem dog in a dispensary. I am so happy that I have ran across it. It is a little expensive but definitely worth it. Top notch taste, effect, finish. I definitely give this strain a A++ It definitely lives up to what is known of the strain. I have smoked many different strains and have to say that this one seems to be very high on my list. If you are a medical marijuana smoker then I do very much recommend that you partake of these find green herbs. You are missing out if you do not ever try this strain. Found it here in Fed way.

  11. I found that same Chemdog in Federal Way. It is the best pot I have ever smoked in my life! WOW!! They say this batch was tested at 28%, with a high THC to CBD ratio. I can’t say enough about this strain, the flavor, the kick, the high, all the best.

  12. TO: #6 jordan – true statement that chem is from colorado. Chemdog was traded a bag of top notch pot on shakedown at deer creek ampitheater during the 1991 dead show. he got 2 zips, one of which had 13 seeds in it which chemdog took back east. over the years all 13 were cracked and the keepers out of the lot were chem ’91, chem sister, chem B, chem D, and chem 4. but the chemical nutrient thing is not true at all. take a look at the june 2010 high times when Chemdog HIMSELF says “Real connoisseur-quality bud is always grown in some kind of a mix with organic nutrients. It gives the cannabis good flavor.” i am growing the chem 91 and chem 4 and they are some of the best ive ever smomked

  13. I agree with # 12, the Name Chem Dog has absolutely nothing to do with how its grown, it has to do with the guys name and “a distinct Chemical Funk” Smell to it. If you want to find true Chem seeds check out, i think REZ has been releasing backCrosses in auctions lately, from what i hear, the ChemD BX3 is better than any that came before

  14. I love chem

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  17. I have 8 massive female chem’s going in to 6 weeks flowering. They are 91′s from oaksterdam. I have over 1ooo buds forming and just wanted to brag… Im using advanced mother earth veg and bloom + big bud and bud candy. At the end of this week imma threw in some overdrive from advanced for to weeks then flush. Wish me luck!

  18. I got my hands on some Chem Dog ’91 my cousin couldn’t keep his baby that he was going to clone. I have no idea what to do any advice or book I should read?? Please Help!

  19. I think this chemdog I just got is perfect! Loving the high it is so peaceful and enjoyable. i recc it anyone with anxiety or depression.

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