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Posted Friday, May 22nd, 2009 | In News.
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  1. Hi there guys, just got my 2010 lunar calendar today. Thanks a bunch! This is the first time I have ordered one and I am really diggin’ it. One question though. I notice an asterisk(*)next to certain activities on certain days, but not others. Just wonderin’ what this symbol(*) meant. Thanks for your time and help;) n2

  2. Hi n2,

    If you look on the back of the calendar, it explains that the * indicates an especially good time to perform that activity. Usually it’s a time when the phase of the moon (1st quarter, Full, etc) and the sign it’s passing through (Capricorn, etc) are both supportive of both the activity and the type of plant.

  3. Thank u so much. Classic mistake on my part:) May u guys have a blessed day! n2

  4. QE es esto?

  5. luv the calendar, thx! maybe a “comments” area could be added… just a thought.

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