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Strain Report – OG4way

Straight from the hills of Southern California, this variation on the now-classic OG strain delivers flavor, smell, and a heady buzz that works as well for a crazy night out as it does for a night on the couch.  It has an uplifting medicinal effect similar to any sativa.

What is it?
4way is – supposedly – the result of one man’s attempt at attaining the most accurate and original OG Kush genetics he could find.  After identifying a promising mother, the strain was then bred to itself 4 times.  The original OG plant was stressed during flowering to create a hermaphrodite with viable pollen.  This pollen was then collected and used to pollinate another flowering plant.   The seeds were collected from this plant, grown out, and after selecting a male, another mother was pollinated and the process was repeated 3 additional times for a total of 4 generations.  Hence the name.  This story was passed along in great detail with the plants that were received for our test.  The plants we received were grown from seed.  We made up the name.

How is it grown?
The plants we received exhibited two distinct phenotypes.  One of them matures right at around 63 days, and exhibits the classic traits of it’s mother, the original OG.  Yield, taste, and medicinal effects are all what one would expect.  The slower of the two phenos exhibited larger yield, but had a lighter, pod-like bud structure similar to it’s sister strain, the Sour D.  As with any OG, this strain is a pathetic yielder but it tastes, smells, and smokes amazing.  Definitely a “grower’s reserve.”  Veg it extra long if you want to offset the yield.  You’ll have to make a compromise either way.  OG is OG, however, so we were extremely pleased to acquire such a classic-tasting variety.  Genetics like this aren’t often shared.

Distinguishing Characteristics?
To determine the fast pheno, look for red hairs approx. 7.5 weeks into your flowering cycle.  We waited for the tricombs to turn from milky to amber at about a 50% ratio.  This will happen right at about 9 weeks.  The slower pheno will take about 1 to 1.5 weeks longer to complete.  In addition, this strain is particularly susceptible to herming if stressed at all, because of it’s genetics.  Because of this and because of the unpredictable phenotypes, we at Roots & Harmony decided not mother this plant any further, effectively destroying our reserve of this strain.  Because the strain was given to any number of individuals, it could be floating around with some other name, but likely with a similar back story.  If you hear of some inbred OG strain that is supposedly the best thing ever, take note… you might be the lucky recipient of some rare OG4way.  It won’t grow you much but it’s great stuff.

Finishing Moves
If you do end up with a flowering crop of OG4, flush it really really well so you take advantage of the flavor potential.  In comparison to most strains, the OG dries up relatively quickly, taking about 5 and a half or 6 days.  Cut it straight off the vine and cure it in jars, breathing the flowers on a 24-hour schedule for 10 more days, with minimal light.  By the tenth day, when you remove that jar lid, you’ll be smelling a smell that takes you back to high-school smoke outs, Pink Floyd, and live laser shows.

Once dry, the two phenos mixed really well.  They both have great bag stamina, and while the quicker pheno has a slightly piney-er smell, they both smell very similar, taste the same, and look the same once dry.

The Bottom Line
The bottom line on 4way is that we are believers.  It is what it says it is.   A lot of people call a lot of different bud “OG”, but the second we tasted 4way we knew the story was true.  It’s incredible bud that your friends won’t be able to get enough of.  The bright, piney, minty, herby, sweet, bitter, amazing carnival of flavors is there, and in abundance.  Unfortunately, the many problems the strain has, such as susceptibility to herming and ridiculously small yield, mean that no one will ever produce this little gem beyond small reserve batches.  Alas, this strain will probably go down in history like many great strains have – missing.

If you come across OG4, pass it by for a better yeilder unless you know what you are doing and just have to taste it, which would be understandable.

With our everyday actions may we ensure a healthy planet for future generations.