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Putting Up Your Greenhouse, Pt. 1

Your New Greenhouse.
Spring has sprung, people. Print this blog now and get in your truck. You’re going shopping. A quick trip to Costco (for 1 item) and your local nursery or home-improvement center and you’ll have everything you need. You can McGuyver it if you want, but if you follow this guide precisely you’ll have a top-notch backyard greenhouse rolling in no time (one day, in fact – bring a friend).

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The Moon and Your Garden

Originally published in Cannabis Culture Magazine, Issue 67 Written by Capuchin

Full MoonThere is a new movement entering the lives of farmers that will change the marijuana growing scene forever. Seeds will sprout faster, cuttings mature faster, and plants will be healthier and stronger. Best of all, buds will be ready sooner, they will be heftier, danker, sweeter, and the smoking will be stellar. This is not some fancy new light set up, some secret soil mix, or some expensive fertilizer. This information is free, 100% organic, and available to all.

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Makin’ Babies

Strong MotherSo, you wanna make lots of babies without messin’ with those weak phenotypes? You know the ones; they create a bunch of herms, mildew easily, or go to seed, and wreck your whole crop. Well first, you gotta pick a few good mothers. I mean the ones with a stout stalk, sturdy thick stems, and leaves as green and alluring as emeralds. These mothers will be your future crop time after time if you treat ‘em right.

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