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Weekly Tip: April week 3 – Deprivation of the Greenhouse (“Depro”)

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The sun is strong enough now to produce dense flowers. Our preferred date is 4/20! The process of deprivation is removing the light from the greenhouse to force the flowers. Our tried and true methods is wrapping the greenhouse with a visquen (“panda plastic”, one side black/one side white), white facing outward, and we clamp it down with big wood working clamps. We wrap the greenhouse at 7pm and unwrap at 7am. By starting this process on April 20, you will be ready to harvest 3 full flowering cycles in one year. I.e., the second flower cycle depro would be initiated June 20th. The third flower cycle (starting August 20) doesn’t need depro since the sun is at the proper timing from the solstice. Cut clones today, so you can transplant ready plants by harvest time on June 20th.

With our everyday actions may we ensure a healthy planet for future generations.