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Water Matters

Water – we all need it, even our little babies.  Well, especially our little babies.  Watering properly is the single most effective thing you can do to ensure the health and yield of your crop.  We’ve noticed out mingling that many many casual and personal farmers just water away, without really knowing what’s is going into their plants.  Let’s discuss the three main aspects of your water; temperature, PH, and quantity, and why each are important to check and maintain. Read the rest of this post »

Harvest Time CD Released

DJ Mendoja of Lonestar Sound creates another solid motivational harvest mix for ganja farmers.

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Produced by Silverback Guerilla
Mixed by DJ Mendoja Of Lonestar Sound

Soiling Yourself

There are many methods to grow any plant, some more popular than others.  Most pop-farmers today (I think I just coined a term) pretty much roll with the program… you buy $$$$ worth of hydro gear, you pay a heady electrician to set it all up, and you go on the grow-store prescription, constantly returning to the grow store for $$$ worth of nutrients every month or week or what have you. Read the rest of this post »

Getting your Water Resi Going

For people that keep a small personal grow, the choice to either hand-water or setup a more sophisticated watering system can be a difficult one.  Is the time and expense of setup and materials worth the payoff?  It can be!  This article will show you how to get going with the “Mandro” method…  Man powered hydro. Read the rest of this post »

With our everyday actions may we ensure a healthy planet for future generations.