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Where are the weekly tips?

Hey Gang,

SB Guerilla is taking a bit of a summer sabbatical. In the meanwhile, the 2009 Lunar Growing Guide and Calendar is about to go to press. Soon it will be in our shop for purchase!

Weekly Tip: June week 3 – Legal Issues

If you live in a state that allows you to grow medical marijuana for others, you should make sure to keep your recommendations in order to safely cover your plant numbers. Always have a phone number for a good medical marijuana lawyer in your wallet. For a list of lawyers, check out High Times Legal Directory.

Weekly Tip: June week 2 – Harvest Your Greenhouse

When your ladies are ready to be harvested, the first thing to do is start organizing your trim party. (Stay tuned for our “T-Party” article to be posted soon!) When harvesting, we recommend using garden pruners and having someone else there to hold on to the clipped buds. Take care when cutting the thick stalks of the big plants. Sometimes they fall over into the dirt or on the ground, and sticky buds pick up dirt particles quite easily. Once you bring in the buds for trimming, cut them down into hanger-size branches. The best length is 3-5 inches. Any more, and the branch may flop over when I hold it up to trim. Any less, and you might end up with popcorn (buds with nothing to hang on to, so they have to dry in a bowl). Now you’re ready for your trim team to go!

June 20th is a great start date for the second greenhouse depro.

Weekly Tip: June week 2 – Flushing for Harvest

TIme to start flushing your greenhouse for harvest.  Keep PH at 5.0-5.8. This will ensure the last available P and K (Phosphorus and Potassium) are still being taken up by the plants. We apply water for the last two weeks, and during the last week, we feed the plants 2-3 times more water than usual. This flushes excess salts and nutrient from the medium, ensuring the sweetest of flavors from your medicine. Remember to withhold water for the last 24-48 hours to help trigger the natural defense of the resin to stop the plants transpiration. We find this helps the resin glands swell a bit more. And as an added benefit, your buckets are a lot lighter to move.

Weekly Tip: June week 1 – Keep Your Outdoor Plants Cozy at Night

June is the month to plant outdoors in all but the coldest climate, such as alpine. Growers in warm climates should plant now for a full harvest. If nighttime temps dip below 50 F/10 C, protect your tender seedlings and transplants by covering them with a remay cloth or milk cartons. Pay attention to your local TV and Newspaper for weather forecasts.  Plants in alpine climates will need to be under plastic or glass until temperatures warm above 50F lows. When moving plants from indoors to outdoors, make sure to “harden them off”. For a week to 10 days, set clones/plants outside to expose them to outdoor elements. Increase outdoor time by one hour per day. Bring plants in at night.

p.s. This should be close to your last fertilizations for your greenhouse flowering cycle.

With our everyday actions may we ensure a healthy planet for future generations.