Growilla Bud Food

Weekly Tip: May week 4 – Bi-monthly Maintenance

In your greenhouse, you should be half way through flowering cycle. It’s not too late to thin and release (also known as skirting) and stake and tape. See the Silverback Guerilla Speeks blog post, “To Skirt or Not to Skirt” for more info.

Weekly Tip: May week 3 – Planting for the Outdoors

Plant transplants now and continue planting until end of July to ensure that you will harvest from mid-September to end of October. You may be transplanting 6-inch clones to a full 6-foot mother plant. Watch for over watering and over fertilization during the first few days of transplant. Mulch around plants the day you transplant. Mulch is essential because it protects soil and retains nutrients. We use native foliage as our mulch for a few reasons- it’s readily available, light impact on area, and it’s good camouflage. Inspect for slugs, snails, grasshoppers, gophers, deer, etc. At Roots & Harmony, we use a microbial insecticide (Bacillus Thuringiensis, aka. BT) for bud worms and caterpillars. Do not use slug or snail baits, because this can kill warm blooded animals if slugs or snails are ingested by them.
p.s. Security first! Curious neighbors and kids are out and about now. Be sure to leave no trace for the safety of the land and your plants.

Weekly Tip: May week 2 – Add Beneficial Bacteria and Fungus

Inoculate your rhizosphere (also known as your root zone) with mycorrhizae.  This can be accomplished by purchasing a mycorrhizae powder formula and applying it through a drenching method – fill a resevoir, mix dry powder thoroughly following the directions, and then apply with water. This will greatly increase nutrient uptake so you will need to feed less. Whether your plants are indoors or in a greenhouse depro, it is a good time to add flowering nutrients at this stage in the flower cycle.

Putting Up Your Greenhouse, Pt. 1

Your New Greenhouse.
Spring has sprung, people. Print this blog now and get in your truck. You’re going shopping. A quick trip to Costco (for 1 item) and your local nursery or home-improvement center and you’ll have everything you need. You can McGuyver it if you want, but if you follow this guide precisely you’ll have a top-notch backyard greenhouse rolling in no time (one day, in fact – bring a friend).

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Roots & Harmony plants itself in High Times’ Organic Pot Growing Guide

See the Roots and Harmony greenhouse and learn about our greenhouse techniques in our article, “The Family Greenhouse, Indoor Quality, Outdoors” featured in the High Times’ June 2008 Issue – Organic Pot Grow Guide.

Weekly Tip: May week 1 – Good Bugs, Bad Bugs and Companion Planting

Spray with your whole site (indoor/outdoor/greenhouse) with Neem oil on the same day. Spraying with Neem oil safely and organically fights off spider mites and powdery mildew. On regular intervals, we encourage beneficial insects such as nematoads and lady bugs. When all your chores are done around the greenhouse, its a good time to plant marigolds, cilantro, etc. Read companion planting blog post for more. Top dress before planting so as not turn burn companion plants. Add pearlite as needed for drainage.

p.s. Be aware of over watering and over fertilization during these first few weeks of flowering.

With our everyday actions may we ensure a healthy planet for future generations.