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How to Make an Herbal Extract

A special blog from the Medicine Mama

These words are for you… growers, trimmers, smokers. Lovers of this sweet, green, sacred sacrament. First we acknowledge, and give thanks, for all this plant provides–for ourselves, our families, and friends. This plant provides food, shelter and clothing. Most importantly, it provides a deep feeling of physical, mental, and emotional well being.

Before we dive into how to prepare an herbal extract, I’d like to give you a little taste of myself, my words as Medicine, flowing out of me into you, with the sacred, rhythmic, pulse of life…. The heart is an alter, this life is a prayer, the blood of our mother, the water, carries me, carries you. Within each of us is medicine, a place of healing and wholeness. We carry within us sacred elements, Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and the power of the Great Mystery. We are pure creation. The world around us is an expression of the world within us. Whatever it is you desire, to be, see, and create……begins with intention, a prayer. So pray….. as you make the Medicine, till the soil, plant the seeds, trim the leaf, smoke the green. Find that place within you, of deep respect, and honor, for yourself, and all life… Understand the power within and use it, in a good way.

This recipe is folk style…. for all us common folk medicine makers.
This is very basic herbal medicine making. I figure we’d start simple.

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Weekly Tip: April week 1 – Prep the Greenhouse

In the first few weeks of April, prep the greenhouse. This involves cleaning the site and building the greenhouse. When building the greenhouse, we hang supplemental oscillating fans and place necessary dehumidifiers. Our farm is on the coast, an we are dealing with fog in the early spring weeks, so we hang four 600 watt High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lights in a 10 by 20 space (200 sq feet). This ensures the the proper light cycle for forcing the flower, the balance between light and dark, 12 hours day, 12 hours night.

Weekly Tip: March week 4 – Water Until Close to Harvest

Continue normal watering. Occasionally, we will add a little molasses, 1/2 tsp per gallon to our resevoir to give the medicine an extra carbo boost. PH level should still be at 5.0-5.5. At Roots & Harmony, we have a tactic of withholding water for the last 24-48 hours prior to harvest to help trigger the natural defense of the resin to stop the plant from transpiration. We find this helps the resin glands swell a bit more. As and added benefit, your buckets are a lot lighter to move.

p.s. This is a good time in most climates to germinate seed and start clones for your outdoor season. It’s important to pick your strain by your growing preference and climate of your area.

Weekly Tip: March week 3 – Last Feeding

At 3rd quarter mark of your flowering time is the appropriate time to give the last and final feeding, high in phosphorus and potassium, withholding all nitrogen. (e.g., For an 8-week strain, final feeding is about 14 days before harvest.) This ensures proper flush of nutrients, so that the plant can bring out it’s beautiful bouquet, aroma and the medicine’s vigor.

The Moon and Your Garden

Originally published in Cannabis Culture Magazine, Issue 67 Written by Capuchin

Full MoonThere is a new movement entering the lives of farmers that will change the marijuana growing scene forever. Seeds will sprout faster, cuttings mature faster, and plants will be healthier and stronger. Best of all, buds will be ready sooner, they will be heftier, danker, sweeter, and the smoking will be stellar. This is not some fancy new light set up, some secret soil mix, or some expensive fertilizer. This information is free, 100% organic, and available to all.

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Weekly Tip: March week 2 – Introduce More P + K

The weather is warming up and the nutrient uptake is increasing. This is a good time to introduce more phosphorus and potassium into your plant’s diet. Read the plant for nutrient deficiencies. Interveinal clorosis (green veins in the leaf, yellow in between veins) means nitrogen deficieny or iron-lock. Refer to Jorge Cervantes “Marijuana Horticulture: The Indoor/Outdoor Medical Grower’s Bible”,

With our everyday actions may we ensure a healthy planet for future generations.