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Companion Planting

As a farmer, you probably appreciate growing and harvesting all types of plants, and not just marijuana. There are other plants, both flowering and medicinal, that can be planted beside or near your ganja that can actually benefit your crop. For those unfamiliar with this concept, it is aptly titled companion planting. Organic farmers, biodynamic farmers, and permacultural gardeners utilize companion planting methods quite often.

Companion planting can be defined as two or more plant species in close proximity that benefit one another (often sharing a symbiotic relationship). Some plants aid another in pest control by repelling unwanted creatures (through stinky resins or essences), or attracting beneficial creatures (with pretty flowers or alluring scents). Another plant may help to increase the yield of its “companion”, for instance by releasing nutrients into the soil. And some plants provide shade, or wind protection for their sensitive neighbors.

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