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Makin’ Babies

Strong MotherSo, you wanna make lots of babies without messin’ with those weak phenotypes? You know the ones; they create a bunch of herms, mildew easily, or go to seed, and wreck your whole crop. Well first, you gotta pick a few good mothers. I mean the ones with a stout stalk, sturdy thick stems, and leaves as green and alluring as emeralds. These mothers will be your future crop time after time if you treat ‘em right.

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Roots & Harmony on

Santa digs the R&H calendar! See us in the latest vidcast on .

Calendar is “Cool Stuff” according to Skunk Magazine

Check us out in Skunk Magazine! The Lunar Planting Guide/Calendar was voted #1 in the “COOL STUFF” section.

To skirt or not to skirt?

For many centuries farmers and gardeners have been pruning their plants for health and increased yield.

Before SkirtingLike the rose or the fruit tree, marijuana is no different. A good dose of “thinning and releasing” can be very beneficial.

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With our everyday actions may we ensure a healthy planet for future generations.